Top Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles (For Veneers)

Top Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles (For Veneers)

W Felix Peng DDS is one of the top cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles. He is the owner of Peng Dental Care located in Los Angeles. The appearance of your teeth is all you need to be the person with the right and bright smile. Let's talk about why W. Felix Peng is the top cosmetic dentist for people living in Los Angeles.


Felix Peng’s qualifications and specializations include DDS, MPH, and MBA which makes him one of the top cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles. W. Felix Peng studied DDS, dentistry from National Taiwan University School of Dentistry. He completed his degree of Master of Public Health (MPH) from Harvard University in 1994-1995. He, later on, moved to University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) during the years 1995-1997. Today, because of his commitment to education and constant efforts he has achieved the license to practice dentistry in Los Angeles. W. Felix Peng has been working as a Dentist in Peng Dental Care since 2009-present.

Veneers’ Benefits

There are a number of teeth alignment techniques and veneers are an affordable and short process to get the teeth aligned. Veneers are used to fix minor to moderate gaps between teeth and align them to give you a radiant smile. Veneers are made of porcelain shells or resins. Veneers give an aesthetically pleasing look to your teeth with a natural appearance so that your chipped or discolored tooth does not stand out.

Moreover, veneers do not require extensive shaping of tooth-like crowns do. Veneers are also used to make the darker teeth appear whiter and to give an aesthetic look to chipped teeth. Veneers generally last between seven to fifteen years if the person takes all the essential steps to take care of them.  With proper care, they can last for a decade. Proper oral hygiene should be followed, bruxism should be avoided as it can increase friction between teeth and damage the veneers and regular dentist visits also play an important role to take care of veneers.

People with braces know the excruciating pain they go through to get the perfect teeth alignment. Moreover, getting braces on is also a time-consuming process that takes years to perfectly align your teeth. So why not choose veneers and get the perfect smile within a week or two?

  1. Felix and Patients

Dr. W. Felix Peng is committed to offering patients the individualized care and attention they need. As a healthy mouth can be a great asset, patients want to invest their money somewhere they feel safe, secure and heard. Dentists usually give a short span of time to individual patients as they have a number of patients and cannot focus on every single patient but Dr. W Peng is known for giving individual attention to his patients in a healthy environment where they can voice their concerns and opinions.

W. Felix Peng does not only treat his patients’ teeth but also explains and ensures them about his dental procedures which range from Preventive Care and cosmetic treatments to complete Restorative Treatments and emergency care. As dental procedures may come up as a frightening experience to most of the patients, Dr. Peng focuses to provide them with the essential knowledge about each process. Whether it is a seven-year-old or a seventy-year-old patient, he manages to reassure and convince them to get whiter and healthier teeth with cosmetic treatments that last a lifetime. 

Dr. Felix also focuses to make the dental procedures worth the invested amount of money. Dental care is provided to patients and their diseases are identified in their initial stages which saves patients from costly treatments later in life.

Felix and Services

  1. Cosmetic Bonding: It is a procedure in which a tooth-colored composite material adheres to chipped or damaged teeth.
  2. Dentures: Dentures are used as a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues.
  3. Veneers: Veneers are a layer of material that is placed over a tooth to give it an aesthetic look.
  4. White Fillings: They are used to repair decayed teeth white a white filling rather than the silver one which has been used for ages and gave teeth and gave the tooth an unhealthy look.
  5. Sleep Apnea: A disease in which breathing starts and stops during sleep
  6. Crown Treatments: In this procedure, a tooth-shaped cap is placed over a tooth to restore its shape.
  7. Invisalign: It is a transparent alternative to metal braces.
  8. Fast Braces: Orthodontic treatment to align teeth faster than the traditional braces process.
  9. TMJ: It is a disease of the temporomandibular joint.
  10. Tourette Syndrome: It is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary movements and vocalizations.
  11. Orthodontics: It deals with the treatment of malpositioned teeth.
  12. Dental Implants: They are the artificial tooth roots which have the shape of screws and are fixed in jawbones.


Being a part of the service field, patients’ reviews are the most essential component of our success. Dr. Felix takes feedback solemnly to work in the right direction. Feedback helps us to improve. Listed below are some of the patients’ reviews:

These honest reviews by our valuable patients prove that Dr. W Felix is the top cosmetic dentist in LA who has spent a huge period of time in making our smiles more beautiful.

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