Why does my tooth still hurt after a filling?

Why does my tooth still hurt after a filling

The dentist becomes a really important person when you are dealing with tooth problems. There are so many problems that will make you feel like going to the dentist. Therefore, the dentist becomes the savior. This sounds like the most appropriate way.

Dental carries is thought to be the problem of children but it equally affects the adults. It is mainly due to the bacteria and other organisms attacking the teeth. But surely it is more common in children. The reason is they are more inclined towards eating junk and sweets. The rich chocolates are the main culprit. They will destroy your teeth to the root.

Moreover, the pain of dental caries is unbearable. It makes the person moan. Especially the children, they are not able to bear it. When you go to the dentist the only option is to excavate the bacterial material and fill the teeth with some synthetic material.

There are two prominent reasons for this

  1. Firstly, it can happen that the tooth is destroyed so deeply that excavating and filling is not helping. In such a situation one has to go to the treatment called "Root canal operation.” This is a more major and complicated procedure than a simple filling.


  1. Secondly, the material of the filling can be inappropriate for the patient. Some patient is sensitive to this material. Therefore, when this material is pasted in the hole in the teeth it aches and causes the pain. There can be another reason. It is becoming common nowadays; the patient does not avoid the junk and sweets. So when such patients ask why does my tooth still hurt after the filling? The answer is that you have not been taking proper precautions after the filling procedure. 


What should I expect after a filling?

A good proportion of patient comes in the follow-up after filling and asks why does my tooth still hurt after the filling?

This is the answer to the question of what should they expect after a filling. The filling materials include gold, ceramic, composite and amalgam. The deadness after the filling leaves inside an hour or two. The agony and sensitivity are significant concerns.

As per the recuperation plan, they likewise die down inside a couple of days. And, if the filling is working typically it is great to see a dentist following seven days so as to ensure no disease is following and filling is at the spot.

All of them are synthetic material. After filling the sensation of pain is normal within a specified range of days. If it exceeds that limit, one has to report back. When the patient asks about the after-effects, the main manifestations after the filling are irritation, excess saliva secretion, mild to pinching pain, the sensation of heaviness in the mouth, difficulty to eat from that side and weird taste of filling and medication. This can last for 4-7 days. 

What does sensitivity after a filling feel like?

The sensitivity of teeth is the exaggeration of all the sensations felt by the teeth. Many people are suffering from that issue, even the teenagers are found going to dentists regularly because of severe pain in their teeth.

Basically, it is not completely the pain. It can be the sensitivity too. When the filling procedure is done, for a specific span of time, the tooth becomes over sensitive. This feeling subsides to normal with time. Some people are highly sensitive, they can be provided with the medications. The sensitivity after a filling feels like some strong feeling of hot or cold depending upon the food you intake. 

As per the dentists, this is not a good thing. In any case, a few patients still grumble of having sensitivity issues. Some of the time the material of the filling sometimes falls short for the patient. After that new filling is required for the patient as a fresh start.

Why do fillings cause tooth sensitivity?

Most of the patients complain and ask why does my tooth still hurt after the filling? This cannot be the pain exactly; this can be due to the filling. The main cause can be due to the implantation of a foreign substance into the tooth. This increases the perceiving power of the tooth.

According to the dentists, this is short-lived and will be gone eventually. But some patients still complain of having sensitivity issues. They can be treated accordingly. Sometimes the material of the filling does not suit the patient. Another filling session is planned then. 

How to treat a sensitive tooth?

When patients arrive at the clinic asking why does my tooth still hurt after the filling? The dentist has a complete plan for them. This is mainly due to sensitivity. The treatment of the sensitivity is mainly by using "florid gels.” Moreover, desensitizing pastes are also available at the dentist's clinic. Sealants and mouth guards also help. 

When to see a dentist?

The numbness after the filling goes away within an hour or two. The pain and sensitivity are the major concerns. According to the recovery schedule, they also subside within a few days. If the filling is functioning normally it is good to see a dentist after a week in order to make sure no infection is following and filling is at the place. 


Teeth are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. The care of tooth is special and you need a better dentist having a vast experience in the field of dentistry. You have to take care of your food as well to keep your teeth healthy and prevent it from decaying.

In short, after reading that full detailed article, we are sure that you will not have any query related to that question: Why does my tooth still hurt after a filling?





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